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The Workshop

Authentic know-how

born from a long experience in Haute Couture.

Fleur rose

Cheerfulness over the head...

Let me introduce myself, I'm Weepsy. Milliner and milliner by trade, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Parisian haute couture houses.  

For health reasons, I had to leave the tumultuous life of Paris. Still, I missed my job terribly. Thanks to the precious support of my husband Bruno, I decided to resume my activity as a milliner by opening a store in Granville (Manche, Normandy). We are two to the realization of the creations. Bruno does all the work upstream of the preparation of the fabrics (cutting out the patterns, logistics, etc.) and I make the pieces.

All our creations are in limited quantity, even unique. We are constantly renewing our collection, according to our favorites in the choice of fabrics.

At first, I made turbans (the ZADIG'S), then one thing leading to another, the idea came to me to complete the range with caps (the VOLTAIRE'S), using my own experience, for women who undergoing chemotherapy protocols or who suffer from alopecia. My luck: having worked with very beautiful brands that allowed me to receive the culture of beauty, elegance and luxury. Milliner, a precious know-how in disappearance.

This choice seemed obvious to me. My work had to have a meaning, a usefulness, and Bruno, my pillar, confirmed me in this choice. We want to help women overcome these difficult times to live and bear, by bringing them joy, cheerfulness and thus contribute to the return of the pleasure of feeling good about themselves, in their head.

We make head accessories and we do it well! 

Our brand specializes in dressing your hair and is a pioneer in the easy-to-wear beanie market. The latter is always very elegant to accessorize a short, long cut or your regrowth, which can sometimes be complicated to master.  

Enjoy your visit to our site and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, I am here to advise you and guide you. 



3 rue broussais 35400 Saint malo


5 rue du marchix 

22100 Dinan


8, rue vauban

56100 Lorient

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